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Assalam O Alaikum and Hello To All The Audience Of This Website. This s The Author Of This Blog. And You Are Reading The main Page Of This Site. This Page Is Very Important Of This Website. Because In This Website We Are Just Going To talk With Our Blog User & Visitors.

Here We Are Just Inform Our Visitors About ur Cookies Policy. Because This Policy Is Play a Significant Role in Every Website. That’s Why We Made This. In This, You can Know How We Use our Users Cookies In Browser. Please read This Complete Page.

Cookies Policy Usage

We Are Use The Cookies In Positive Way. In Cookies Section We Are Just Saving the OSme Useful nd Beneficial related Cookies In Our browser. And We Install The Related Cookies In User Browser. We Are Doing This To Show Our Related Ads On The Search Interest Of User.

From This User Of Our Website Engage With Su Long Term. And we Are getting More value in Online Journey Of Blogging. Also If we talk On this issue, Which Type Of Info We Are Save from User Cookies?

So the Answer is Very Clear And Simple. We Are just Using The Educational Base Related Cookies. In your Cookies Will Not Included Yur Personal Information, Like Bank Cards, And Other banking Or Credits Information. All The Cookies Are Included In Educational Purposes.

These are The Some Cookie Information About This Educational Site Of Info Tech World. I Hope You Are Understand Our All The Cookies Policies Which We Discuss here In This Very Little Article. Thank For Stay reading With me this page. This Policy Is created By The Administrator Of This Website.

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